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Jelents hibákat és adj visszajelzést erről a játékról az üzenőfalon.

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A játékról Two teams of four face off to see which team is tactically superior. Every person has the same loadout - a sniper rifle and a pistol. Every death racks up the team's respawn timer. Every play makes all the difference. In Under Pressure, you will absolutely never feel calm.

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Disclaimer: this game is not for the faint of heart. Each team has to protect two flags.

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Once both flags are gone, you lose. To make things karakter a helmint feint, if someone dies on your team, your whole squad's respawn timer goes up. Around here, the better team wins - not the better player.

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Because of this, you're gonna need top notch communication. If your team pushes for a flag too soon, you risk running up your respawn timer.

Push too late karakter a helmint feint that might just cost you the game. Move together. Win together.

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On these battle fields, every person has the same loadout. That means leveling up doesn't unlock you any new weapons or new skills.

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There aren't any pay-to-win loopholes here either. You just have to be good. And it's hard to get good. On the bright side, once you actually get good, you're allowed to feel great about yourself.

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Because you earned it. But don't ever get too comfortable. You never know when the pressure will come knocking.

Helmint feint kalandok tűnik kezd visszatérni a Kenyon, akit imádok. Még mindig nem volt a régi, az igazi de már fényévekkel jobb volt, mint az előző pár rész és a legutóbbi DH könyvek. Szerencséje, mert Dancer után Faint is elcseszni megbocsájthatatlan hiba lett volna. Ami még mindig hiányzik az a kaland, ami az első részek alappillére volt.

You'll be competing on remote islands with the cameras rolling. Playing well earns you xp and cash which can be used to pick up gear to customize your character. But this isn't weenie hut general.

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It takes a long time to look cool. Just ask Chuck Norris.

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Make your yourself into an icon by customizing your: Helmet Outfit Jetpack Oh and to make it worse, when you lose a match you only get half the cash and xp. Don't lose. We understand this game isn't for everyone. It's hard being Under Pressure. At this point in the description, all the goofy goobers and dinklebergs have bailed out and purchased Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

But, if you're still reading, you're awesome just like our community. You're itching for a challenge. With this being a new and niche kinda game there's no telling how many people are online looking for a match.

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If you run into an issue with finding people to crush, don't worry. Join our discord directly from the main menu and setup real, scheduled matches with some of the toughest people around. Just like you. And hey, you might even be able to put together a decent squad. Under Pressure is currently in Early Access.

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That means there aren't as many maps and unlockables as we would like to have in the game. Currently, there's only one map and a little less than 30 unlockables.

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But that's going to change. By the end of the summer, we will have four completely unique maps and over unlockables. We also plan on improving the leveling system so you can unlock special gear once you hit certain milestones.

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Also, we will be tirelessly working to fix any bugs and issues that people may run into. Bugs ruin the fun.


We can't have that. If you run into any issues, contact us at kawaiisungames gmail. We'll get back to you ASAP.