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Giardia blood in stool Tartalom Type-1 DM or insulin dependent DM: »Due to destruction of pancreatic beta cell by immunological assault Desensitization of beta cell to glucose Gestational DM: »Hyperglycemia developed first time during pregnancy in a woman,who had no previous history of DM Poor wound healing.

Complication of Chronic DM: Can lead to damage or potentially failure of various organs including Eye,Heart,Kidney,Blood vessels and nerve Borderline or Prediabetes:It is characterized by blood glucose level are higher than normal 4.

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Impaired fasting glucose IFG :Blood glucose level are higher than normal after a period of fasting. Impaired glucose tolerance IGT :Blood sugar level giardia blood in stool higher than normal blood sugar after meal.

Fasting Blood glucose: Normal: 4.

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Random blood glucose concentration test: It is a good way for doctor giardia blood test get at short notice Not so good for diagnosing diabetes in people with mildly elevated giardia blood test glucose level, but it is good for those that have a high blood glucose level and may need a treatment At 2 hours after test :over Impaired fasting glucose IFG Thank you További a témáról.